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Dr Anita S Salunke is internationally recognised as a gifted homeopath and charismatic teacher. Sought out by some of the best schools of homeopathy and teaching academies around the world, she has been delivering seminars and lectures for more than 26 years.

Her ground-breaking method, which brings quick results, has brought her international acclaim and draws homeopaths of all hues to her lectures. Even medical doctors keen on blending homeopathy with conventional medicine regularly draw on her expertise to find new and innovative ways of treating their patients.

As powerful as homeopathy is, it can also be confusing and difficult to master. Textbooks, seminars and even graduate courses do not prepare us for the complexity of cases we encounter. With video cases of her patients and insights into her exceptionally accurate approach, Dr Anita S Salunke will walk you through her art of case taking and teach you how to unerringly unlock even the most baffling cases that confront you in your own practice.

Practical Approach
This e-learning programme is structured to make the complex surprisingly easy and is delivered in a hands-on, practical way so that you can pick up the tools quickly. Once you have these tools in your repertoire, you will be able to get the kind of results you never imagined were possible.

These video lectures are not time-bound and can be assimilated via self-study. You can set your own pace and watch the videos entirely at your convenience. You will also have access to Q&A sessions that will further enhance the quality of your learning.

Skype With Dr Anita S Salunke
Dr Anita S Salunke energetic approach to homeopathy, her gift of healing and love for teaching set her apart from other senior homeopaths. That’s one reason you will benefit greatly from her e-learning programme. Here's another included in each video course is a free Skype session with Dr Anita S Salunke, who will personally answer your queries and discuss issues pertinent to the course.

As Dr Anita S Salunke says, when it comes to teaching, it's always a pleasure to go the extra mile.

Mentoring Programme
Even the most seasoned homeopath needs to bounce off cases, get a second opinion and find a way out when stuck. Sometimes, we need a fresh perspective when even the most carefully sought-out remedy does not seem to work. We owe it to our patients who are begging a cure.
Dr Anita S Salunke Mentoring Programme offers all the guidance you need via a joint consult with your patient. These live sessions conducted via Skype are also an opportunity to learn a method that is precise, accurate and that, most importantly, delivers quick results.

For details on Dr Anita S Salunke Mentoring Programme, click here

Why Take These Online Courses?

  • Learn Dr Anita S Salunke Eight-Step Method without having to attend her lectures or seminars
  • The structure and clarity of this method will help you achieve perfection in prescribing
  • Improve your powers of observation and do away with extensive Case Taking
  • Understand the process of your patients’ disease and learn to reverse the Miasmatic process
  • Observe tri-miasmatic drug pictures
  • Synthesise information efficiently to find the right remedy
  • Become a symptom sleuth to arrive at the Key Sensitivity in every case

By mastering Dr Anita S Salunke Eight-Step Method, you learn to question everything and think outside all the usual boxes.
You owe it to your patients!

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