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How Dr Anita S Salunke can be your Personal Mentor

Patients are not the only ones who need a second opinion. Every now and then, even experienced doctors and homeopaths need a fresh perspective on their cases. Sometimes, a case may be beyond one's realm of experience and you need to seek wiser counsel.

Dr Anita S Salunke has more than 26 years of clinical experience and is an expert at pathological and incurable cases. She is also an authority on treating physhiatric cases.

If you need expert guidance with your own cases, you can consult with Dr Anita S Salunke from anywhere in the world via Skype. As part of her Mentoring Programme, she will personally consult with you and your patient, follow-ups included, so that you can truly give your patients the best shot they can get.
Mentoring Plans
Region                   Mentoring Plans
  4 months 8 months

12 months

US, Canada, Australia US$290 US$420 US$570
European Union € 225 €355                         € 500
Asia, Africa, South America US$260 US$390 US$520
Non-EU countries      
India    NR4,900 INR7,900 INR10,900

* Fees include Online Consultation via Skype and Online Support