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Human nature is wonderfully complex but when far from a state of balance, the body and mind produce disease. How better to follow the journey of disease than to look through the window of the Mind?

But the mind is clever, deceptive and mischievous, designed as it is to protect, defend and hold its secrets close.
The art of case taking seeks to uncover these secrets – the patient’s deepest fears and the coping strategies he uses to defend against them – so that the practitioner can get to the very source of the disease.

However, finding clues to the dark side of human nature can be a formidable task. But with the right tools, it is possible to unerringly pinpoint the root cause of disease and reverse the process to bring your patient to a state of balance and cure.

Dr Anita S Salunke Eight Step Method is internationally acclaimed as a precise and amazingly accurate approach to case taking and prescribing. It is a blend of Dr Rajan Sankaran’s Kingdom Theory and Dr Praful Vijayakar’s Rubrics method.

But Dr Anita S Salunke has added a third element – Key Sensitivity – which has further enhanced the accuracy and precision with which the practitioner can arrive at highly nuanced Rubrics and thus proceed to prescribing the right remedy.
Better still, Dr Anita S Salunke method saves time and spares both the practitioner and patient lengthy, repetitive and unwieldy interviews.

To read about Key Sensitivity and Dr Anita S Salunke Eight Step Method, click here to download PDF